Perfect Creations for Swarovski 


Beads from thge swarovski assortment are masters of multiplicity, they vary from large to small and classic to avant-grade cuts and shapes. The vast range of colours and shapes offer a boundless interplay of possibilities for creative designs.

Swarovski, The world leader in precision-cut crystal, offers you


  • Highest quality and clarity of crystal that ensure perfect design 

  • Crystal clear hole with round edges at the hole entry in order to protect the thread leading to more brilliance and longer durability of finished application 

  • Consistent colours over all articles and sizes 

  • Broadest and deepest assortment: more than 75 colours, 25 effects widest variety of sizes and hole diameters

  • Broad choice of classsic, romantic and progressive shapes and cuts

  • Trend orientation: continueous development of new trend colours, effects, cuts and materials

  • Highest product combination possibilites between Swarovski beads as well as all other Swaroski products 






*Slight changes in shades are unaviodable