Colour Meanings

Colour can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Much has been studied and written about colour and its impact on our daily lives.


Here are some of the meanings of colours and the energies they provide.




Black banishes and absorbs negativity and symbolizes outer space and the universe. Colour symbolism, colour and personality, gemstone colour & meaning

Black is the absence of all colour. In some cultures black represents fertility, in others it represents wisdom. It is associated with sophistication, sexuality, and mystery.




Blue is the colour of the element of Water. It symbolizes the ocean, sleep, the sky, and twilight. Pacifying, peaceful, refreshing and calming, it denotes stability and harmony. Blue is associated with healing,  patience, confidence, happiness and loyalty. The ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore blue for protection against evil.




Aqua means "water." The colour symbolizes youth and is associated with speech and communication, confidence, strength and idealism. It is also associated with emotional healing and protection and has soothing effects.




The colour brown represents the soil and fertility. Brown is associated with the home, comfort, and constancy. It denotes simplicity, reliability, stamina, and the outdoors.




Green is the colour that represents money, prosperity, employment, fertility, healing, and growth. It is the colour of the element of the earth and symbolic of the planet's fertility and life. Green is soothing, refreshing and calming. Pale and medium greens connect with nature. Green denotes the season of spring, youth and vigour.




Orange is the colour of general attraction and energy, ideas and mental stimulation. It is flamboyant, denotes energy, enthusiasm and warmth.




The colour pink signifies love, friendship, compassion, relaxation. Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions and is often associated with femininity. It symbolizes good health as "in the pink".




The colour purple is pacifying, refreshing and calming. It denotes power, healing, meditation and religion, wisdom and spirituality.
Purple was once a European symbol of royalty and nobility.




Red is the colour of health, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage and protection. It is associated with blood, birth and intense emotions. Red symbolizes energy, excitement, strength, power, war and violence, and aggression. It is the colour of love. When good fortune arrives it is called a "red-letter day".




The colour yellow signifies intellect, philosophy, confidence, divination, communication, eloquence and travel. It is the colour of the element air and is symbolic of the sun, grain, and the power of thought. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and optimism. It denotes imagination, hope, and idealism, is related to sunshine, as in "she has a "sunny disposition" and the season of summer.




White is associated with protection and purification, purity and peace. It symbolizes the moon, freshness, winter, snow and cold. White contains all colours. White signifies humility and reverence, cleanliness, youth, innocence, and birth.